Monday, October 9, 2017

The Great Omission

The late Dallas Willard probably influenced more people in the art of discipleship and spiritual formation than any other writer in the last 50 years. Willard drew on the best of church history and Christian spirituality to help modern readers understand the essential teachings of Jesus. His books are a worthy investment even though at times they can be challenging to digest.

In The Great Omission, one finds a collection of articles, lectures, and other pieces clustered around the idea of discipleship. At times the book is repetitive given the nature of the compilation, but it is a great introduction to the thoughts of Willard. Willard contends that the great omission of the church is that we have focused on making converts (to a particular stream of Christianity) and baptized them into church membership without ever "enrolling people as Christ's students." The goal is formation of the inner character to be developed that operates out of the mind of Christ.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Hope in the Midst of Hurricanes

Watching footage and images and updates from Texas makes me grieve for the people impacted from Harvey. Less than a year after Hurricane Matthew we are still trying to reclaim parts of our property and clean up fallen trees. We know well the damage that a storm like Harvey can bring. We know the reality of repairing and rebuilding that many will face in Texas.

We have family in Houston. Friends in other parts of the affected areas of Texas. Our hearts break with you. Our prayers cry out to God for you. We offer you one thing that we found to be true throughout the last year of post hurricane life, hope. Not in some dime store anticipation of finding that trinket. What I am talking about is Biblical Hope. Hope that raised Jesus from the grave. Hope that transformed a rag tag group of followers into a catalyst to completely change the course of human history.

As rain continues, as you try to rebuild and repair, cling to the hope of God that he has not abandoned you and your family. Cling to the hope of God to make all things new, ALL Things, including you and me.

May God provide for you as only he is able. We found this simple truth to be a source of strength for the difficult journey ahead.

Hopefully expectant,

The Pagliarullo Family

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Befriend: A Book Review

Scott Sauls, a pastor in Nashville is quickly becoming one of my favorite spiritual voices on social media. I have read his books Jesus Outside the Lines and Befriend. In both books the reader senses Scott's heart for God and his passion for people to know God. He gently encourages the reader to join him in discovering what God is calling us to do as we follow Jesus.

Friendship is an interesting topic to tackle. We can have hundreds or even thousands of friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter or Instagram but do we really have genuine, meaningful friendships? Do we even know how to have those type of relationships anymore? Scott Sauls answers these questions and more as he offers encouragement for the believer to rediscover genuine, loving friendships with different types of people, different groups, and even oneself as modeled by Jesus. This is a great resource for a small group Bible study or accountability groups.

New Music and a New Road

Cyd discovered Ellie Holcomb early this year and introduced me to her music. This song captures the essence of what it means to live and walk by faith and not by sight. Too often, I see God rescue me from my "Egypt" only to get to the Red Sea and see the impossible rather than the possible. God has been reminding me lately that he always provides a Red Sea Road to his children.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Centri-Kid Week

This week has been a great week for my girls, all three, to be away at camp with our Kidz Ministry at FBC Statesboro. I am beyond excited that they will be home later this afternoon! Since Cyd was gone, Tripp and I got to spend a lot of time together this week. We have had some funny moments, an occasional tear, and many moments of wanting to freeze time in order to remember that exact moment with him. He has helped me work on some projects for the college ministry here and there, but mostly he has been a conduit for God's grace. His smile, laughter, and even his tears have served as a gentle touch to my at times callous heart. Through our time together (the endless questions, the insatiable appetite he has, the need for affection and closeness with his dad) he has unknowingly pushed me closer to my Abba, Father.

Surely, the emotions that I feel as an earthly father with my son during these times pales in comparison to how God feels about his children. For this truth, I am thankful. Children are not simply a blessing from God, they are at times the instruments God uses to teach us what he is doing, to remind us that we are loved, and to redirect our energy to the things that matter most.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Five Years and A Few Tears

It's hard to believe that five years of life has passed since you drew your last breath on this earth. So much life happens in five years. There are days when it seems like I was just talking to you on the phone driving to Savannah to make hospital visits. Then there are those days that it feels like you've been gone for a decade. Five stinking years! In that time, the kids have changed in so many different ways. Sometimes I look at Cyd and say, "Dad would have loved watching them grow up." There is no doubt you would be right there to support them in all that they do.

I have lost track of the number of days I have wanted to ask your opinion on something, seek your counsel, ask for you to pray about something specific over the last five years. It's unfair, that at the junction of life where I most wanted you and your influence, I can't get it. If only, I had let go of my own hurt and anger earlier in life, I could have soaked up more of GLB's essence...yet it is this regret that the gospel has most come to bear on our relationship. The gospel needed time to root into my heart so that our relationship could be redeemed, even if for a brief season before that diagnosis in January. God's work in our lives is unique in that it doesn't always happen instantly. Perhaps that's why Jesus used so many stories about people and scenarios that required time and patience to see results. I'm thankful that neither of my father's ever gave up on me, rather like the Prodigal Father, both waited for me to return.

The similarities between us continue to manifest themselves. I have come to the conclusion that I am more like you than I ever thought possible. Sometimes this reality scares me speechless. Other times, I laugh and consider if this self-revelation the last five years would have happened if you were still here. I'm still in utter shock that the characteristics, mindsets, and patterns of behavior of a parent can be so strong in a child when they only lived together for a few years. The indelible nature of a parent's mark on a child is sobering. My own journey as a parent has reminded me that God is able to use our meager efforts at this whole parenting thing to do some incredible work in children's lives. We tend to forget all the faults of someone when they die and only recall the good times and the good qualities. I remember the love and tenderness you always offered me. I remember your laugh, your smile, and your anger. Mostly, I remember these things because I see them weekly, if not daily in my own heart and life. I think one of the things that God has shown me these past five years is that the faults are places where the master craftsman is still shaping me into his masterpiece. My own self awareness has helped me appreciate your faults, not to cast blame, but to learn from your mistakes, while rejoicing in the work that God accomplished in your life to bring light out of darkness. You taught me many things during the time our lives overlapped...I believe you have taught me even more about myself, about my vocation, about my family, about God, and about the gospel in the five years you have been present with the Lord. Thank you!