Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday in Between

I have often thought that the day after the death of Christ on the cross must have been one of the scariest moments in the lives of the disciples. Yet, perhaps it wasn't...perhaps they were contemplating how their lives had been forever changed by this teacher they had committed to follow. Frederick Buechner offers some wonderful thoughts on Easter, below is one of my favorites.

Late Friday afternoon he died, and then there was Saturday, which should have been the worst day except that somehow or other perhaps it was not. If for even as much as an instant we look up into the full brilliance of the sun, we find that for hours afterward whenever we close our eyes the outline of the sun is still there as though the image had been branded on our eyelids; and so it must have been for the ones who had been present that Friday on the hill where he was executed.  Taken from The Magnificent Defeat 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Memphis Mission Trip

 We moved a lot of chairs last week as we reset their main worship room and their youth worship room.

 Prayer walking The University of Memphis Campus
 We had storage rooms and closest to clean out and organize.

A group shot with some of the New Direction staff. Pastor Karen, their associate pastor is in the front giving the deuces.